Power Quality - With increased reliance on sensitive digital electronics in day-to-day operations - commercial, industrial and institutional facilities are finding it necessary to demand an ever increasing high level of quality and reliability in the power that they use.

The Reality - Today's sophisticated electronic equipment and control systems demand greater power quality than ever before. Competition has forced the need to use more miniaturized components, lower cost components and less "on-board" protection. This all results in equipment and components that are less able to withstand spikes, surges, sags, ground potential differences and other assorted power anomalies. All of these things decrease the life of the equipment and reduce the reliability of operation. Nearly 95% or all power quality problems are caused by improper grounding, poor installation practices, inferior installation materials or improper material choices. Of these, proper grounding is the most often overlooked and is becoming more important as equipment and components become more sensitive.

The Course of Action - ANCO Associates provides an orderly systematic approach to analyzing new facility design and installation plans as well as existing facility configurations, concentrating on these basic installation methods and materials issues. Such analysis and the resulting recommendations help insure the highest level of power quality for the protection and optimum level of performance from electronic equipment and components. Generally such attention to detail will drastically reduce the need for and often make unnecessary the installation of costly "conditioning" and "clean power" devices and equipment.

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