Energy - Changes in the way energy is marketed, purchased and delivered have made proper procurement and usage management essential elements of today's successful energy programs.

The Reality - Deregulation of the supply and delivery of energy have resulted in the process of energy procurement becoming very complex and in a constant state of change. Dealing successfully with energy marketers and utilities now requires a thorough understanding of all facets of energy production, marketing, purchasing and delivery. The increased emphasis on competition among utilities and energy suppliers has made many of the traditional utility services less reliable and in some cases not longer available. Insuring reliability of supply and cost-effective utilization are now more challenging than ever before.

Course of Action - ANCO Associates provides the following services to help clients deal with the cost-effective purchase and utilization of energy:

Facility Energy Utilization Assessment

Energy Utilization Optimization Planning

Strategic and Tactical Energy Planning

Procurement Options Analysis

Reliability Enhancement

Utility Negotiation and Coordination

Energy Procurement and Utilization Monitoring & Reporting

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